Mail Merge

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The Mail Merge facility allows you to create template letters for both owners and tenants.  Templates can then be generated into real letters to real people.

Generated letters are saved against the owner or tenant they belong to.  They can also be printed or emailed or optionally viewed online by the tenant or owner when they log in via their own login.  See the letters screen for additional information and also the Options screen for email setup details.

Mail merge is also used for creating receipt designs. 

File menu.  The file menu group allows you to create a new letter, open an existing letter, save the current letter or delete the current letter. 

Clipboard menu.  The clipboard menu allows you to copy, cut and paste like a normal document editing program.

Font menu.  The font menu allows you to change the characteristics of the currently selected text or the text to follow.  This includes the font name, size, colour, bold, italics and underline characteristics.

Preview menu.  The preview button lets you see a sample of what the letter will look like using an existing owner or tenant.

Generate menu.  The generate menu is used to create real letters to real tenants or owners.  This button pops up a new window which will ask you to select which tenants or owners the letters are to be generated for.  After the letters has been created, there is the option to allow the tenant or owner be able to view the letter online via their own login.  After the letters are generated, the Letters window will open with the newly created letters shown in the list.  See also the Letters window.

Insert menu.  The insert menu is used for inserting special place holder codes which will be substituted when the final letter is generate.

Template Name.  The template name is either set when a new template is created or can be changed in the lower left corner of the mail merge screen.  The template name is also the default email subject when emailing letters.