Business Entities

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Business entities are companies or organisations which are owned by you, the RentHQ account holder.  For example, if you are a property manager, then your property management business would be a business entity.  For landlords, they may own a company or multiple companies or trusts or properties in their own names, and each of those would be a business entity.

Setting up business entities allows reporting to be performed separately for each business entity.  If you only have 1 business entity, then this feature has no impact on you.

On the business entity screen you specify a short code and a name, and optionally a default bank account.

Once set up, on the owner details screen, for each owner you specify which business entity that owner belongs to.  See the Owner Details screen.

Also if you have 2 or more business entities set up, you will be able to selected different business entities on the reports screen for report filtering.