Custom Fields

Functions > Setup > Custom Fields

If the tenant details screen or owner details screen or property details screen does not contain fields for the specific information you want to capture, you can choose to add you own Custom Fields.  An example might be the owner screen where you want to capture their bank account number or their social security number or other identification number.

Each custom field has a display caption such as ‘ID Number’.

The item type if the entity you want this custom field to be added to.

The display type specifies what the field will look like to the user.  The options are Text for a text box, Date for a date selection box, Number for a text box which will only allow numbers to be entered, and Check box which create a tick box type display.

The Publicly Visible option, if set, means this value can be seen by external parties.  For example if this is a Work Order custom field, then this field is visible to the contractor when the work order is emailed to them.  If you want to keep the custom field private to your organisation, then don’t tick this box.

Once created, these custom fields will display for all examples of the item type.  For example, if you create a new ‘ID Number’ field for the Owner item type, every owner will now have a new field called ID Number on the Custom Fields tab of the owner details screen.