Information > Dashboard

The dashboard screen contains a quick summary overview of the entire business and notifies you of things which might need your attention.

The screen contains multiple panels.  You can click the arrow button in the top right corner of the panel to make it bigger or smaller.  Most panels also contain a number in their heading to indicate the number of items in that group.

The Overview panel is the default panel, and shows quick information.  Some of the boxes on the overview panel allow you to navigate to one of the other main panels.

The Reminder Notes panel shows notes where the option to show as a reminder has been ticked.  This panel also allows you to add additional general reminder notes.  To remove a not from the Reminder Notes panel, either click the delete button, or untick the ‘This is a reminder note’ option on the note details screen.

The Rent Arrears panel shows tenants who are behind in their rent.

The Lease Expiry panel shows tenants whose expiry date is in the near future.  The number of days notification can be set on the Options screen.

The Vacant Properties panel shows properties which are current vacant, or will become vacant in the near future.  The number of days notification prior to the vacancy date can be set on the Options screen.

The Rent Reviews panel shows tenants whose rent review date is in the near future.  The number of days notification prior to the rent review date can be set on the Options screen.  See also Rent Reviews

The Auto Transactions panels shows pending automatic transactions.  Next to each pending transaction you can click the Apply check box, and then press the Apply button to apply all selected transactions.  After the transactions have been applied, the program will navigate away from the Dashboard screen to show the newly generated transactions.  See also Automatic Transactions.

The Blog tab shows recently created blog entries which can be read by clicking on them.