Extra Charges

Tenants > Extra Charges

An extra charge is an amount of money levied against the tenant.  This amount then needs to be paid back by the tenant in addition to their normal rent.  For example, you may have some water rates or other council or insurance fees which are charges to the tenant.

The extra charges screen is initially empty.  You can use the filter criteria at the top of the screen to load previously created extra charges.

To create a new extra charge, use the Add button.

The date is the date the charges is to be levied against the tenant.

The description will be shown on the tenant statement and invoice reports, and describes why they are being charged this amount.

The amount is the value of the charge.

An amount can apply to 1 or more tenants.  In the case there the amount is to be split among multiple tenants, there is an option to split the amount equally among all tenants, or charge each tenant the same amount, or to manually enter the amount for each tenant.  

If you choose the manual entry option, the amount needs to be entered against each tenant applicable.  Extra charges will not be created for tenants with a zero value.

After creating the extra charge, the total amount owing by the tenant will change.  Deleting or edit the extra charge will also automatically affect the tenant balance owing.