Extra Fees

Owners > Extra Fees

An extra fee is an amount of money levied against the owner in addition to the normal fees they are charged.  This charge is deducted from the amount paid to the owner the next time a disbursement is done.  For example, you may want to charge the owner an extra fee each time a property inspection is completed.

The extra fee screen is initially empty, however you can use the filter criteria at the top of the screen to load previously created fees.

Use the add button to add a new extra fee.

The date if the date the fee is levied.

The description will show on the owners statement report, and describes why the owner is being charged this fee.

The amount is the value of the fee.  If a tax is be to applied to management fees (see the Options screen), then the tax amount and tax exclusive value will also be available.  The tax and exclusive values are automatically calculated.

The owner selection allows you to specify which owner the fee is being applied to.

You can also automatically charge an extra fee each time specific expenses are paid such as an extra 5% for all repairs.  See the Expense Group screen for additional information.