Inspection Schedule

The inspection schedule allows you to define which tenant you are going to inspect and when.  It also helps to make sure you don’t double-book your time.

When the inspection schedule is first opened, the timeline is blank.  You need to load the schedule to continue.

Once the schedule is loaded, the individual inspections will be shopwn on the calendar.  You can choose to down the calendar as either daily, weekly or monthly.  You can use the arrows in the top right corner of the calendar to move backwards and forwards through time.

New inspections can be added to the schedule by double-clicking a time slot in the calendar.  You can edit or delete inspections by double clicking on them.  You can also record the inspection results from the inspection details screen.

Inspections can also be automatically added to the timeline by setting the inspection frequency on the tenant details screen.  This will cause new inspections to be automatically added each time one inspection date is passed.  For example if the inspection frequency is set to 2 months, then the first inspection will be automatically added 2 months after the tenancy start date.  Then when the date of the first inspection passes, another inspection will be automatically added 2 months after that.


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