An inspection is where the property owner or manager inspects the property looking for defects or issues the tenant needs to address.

On the inspection details screen you specify when you will be doing the inspection as well as who the tenant will be.  After selecting the tenant, the property detail are automatically found.  Also if a default inspection template has been defined on the property details screen, the template is also automatically preselected.  However you can also manually override the selected template.

The inspector will default to the person currently logged in, however this can be changed to a different login.

The inspection results button allows you to print a checklist sheet as well as record the final inspection results.  When recording results, you can also add attachments like photos. 

The Generate Letter button enables you to print a letter which can be given to your tenant to notify them of the inspection.  The letter template is generated via the Mail Merge facility.  For the letter to appear in the list, the template must contain the Inspection Date and Time field.  Once generated, the letter is attached to the tenant as a letter, and can also be printed or emailed (if the tenant has an email address).  The letter is also visible via the tenants online login.

Inspections can also be automatically added to the timeline by setting the inspection frequency on the tenant details screen.  This will cause new inspections to be automatically added each time one inspection date is passed.  For example if the inspection frequency is set to 2 months, then the first inspection will be automatically added 2 months after the tenancy start date.  Then when the date of the first inspection passes, another inspection will be automatically added 2 months after that.


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