Functions > Letters

Letters can be access via one of 2 ways.  Either through the Letters tab on the owner or tenant screens, or via the Letters menu option.

Letters via the owner or tenant screen

From the letters tab on the tenant or owner screen, you can see previously generated letters.  Letters can either be deleted or opened in view mode.

In view mode the user can edit a letter by pressing the edit button, changing the content and then re-saving it again.  Letters can also be emailed, although the email option is disabled unless the tenant or owners primary contact has an email address defined.  Letters can also be printed.

Letters via the Letters menu option

The letters menu option allows you to bulk select previously created letters using the filter criteria at the top of the screen.

By selecting multiple letters in the Selected column, a bulk lot of letters can be printed, emailed or deleted.  Emailing letters will ask for a subject, with the template name being the default.  Letters will only be emailed to people who have a primary email address defined.  If a letter has been selected in the list for emailing, but they don’t have an email address, they will be skipped.