Properties > Mortgages

Mortgages are loans normally associated with purchasing a property.  RentHQ has the ability to keep track of these mortgages for you.

On the mortgage details screen, you can specify a code and name for easier identification later.  You can also set a start date and value and the property the mortgage is primarily related to.

In order to track the mortgage, you need to set up expense groups for recording which expenses paid are for the interest and the principal portion of the loan.  See Expense Groups for more information.

After the expense groups are set up, when entering a payment expense transaction either through the cashbook or from a statement import or automatic transactions, if you select one of those mortgage related expense groups, you get to also select which mortgage the payment relates to.

You can also choose to not record any mortgage details by going to the Options screen and disabling the feature entirely.  This is useful if you dont manage any mortgages.