Online Applications

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The Online Applications menu option enables you to create a web based questionnaire for prospective tenants or Referees to fill out when they apply to rent one of your rental properties.  (See also Prospects and References)

The main function of this screen is to create the questionnaire.  You add or edit questions on your questionnaire, and use the Preview buttons to see what the new application will look like to a prospective tenant.  Then you generate a web address which you provide to your tenants via either email or on your web site or via some sort of online advertising.

File Buttons.  The buttons in the File toolbar group are used to create a new application template, or edit an existing one.  You can also save or delete the currently loaded questionnaire template.

Questions Buttons.  The buttons in the Questions toolbar group are using to add a new question, edit the currently selected question or delete it.  You can also use the arrow buttons to move the current question up or down in the display order.  (See also Application Questions)

Preview Buttons.  The buttons in the Preview toolbar group are used to see what the application could look like to the prospective tenant or referee in both the large screen and small screen format.  The small screen format is similar to what the application might look like on a mobile phone, although different phones have different screen sizes.

Web Address.  This button is used to generate a web site URL address which you would provide to your prospective tenants or referees so they can answer the questions.  (See also Web Address)

Application Name.  The application name is either set when a new template is created or can be changed in the lower left corner of the online application screen.  This is only for internal use by the property manager or landlord.