Reference Requests

Tenants > References

The References menu option enables you to request a reference for a prospective tenant, from an associate such as a previous landlord or property manager.

After the reference request is created, the following steps will occur.

  1. An email will be sent to the referee.
  2. The referee will click a link in the email to access an online web page to complete a collection of questions created by you.
  3. An email will be sent back to the property manager letting then know the reference is complete, along with the answers to the questions.
  4. The answers to the questions will also be saved back in RentHQ against the reference request.

When creating the reference request, you need to enter details about the prospective tenant such as their name and optionally their previous address.  You also need to record some details about the person giving the reference such as their name and email address.

You can also specify who the property manager is.  This person will be sent an email after the reference is completed.  See Security Logins for details about setting up the property manager.

You also need to select the request type.  A request is the form or questionnaire you want the referee to complete online.  See Online Applications for details about how to set up the questions for the online reference request completion.

You also need to select an email template. This is a mail merge template which enables you to design the content of the email being send to the referee asking for their reference.  See Mail Merge for details on creating mail merge letters.