Information > Reports

The reports screen provides a list of reports which can be viewed or printed, and the ability to enter special filter criteria before they are generated.

The left side of the screen contains the list of available reports, split into multiple tabs.

After selecting a report name on the left, the right side of the screen will list the filter criteria relevant to that report.

The print button at the bottom of the screen will generate the report in PDF file format.  Once the report has been generated, a link will be provided at the bottom of the screen.  Clicking this link will open the report in a new window.  NOTE – If the report wont open after clicking the link, check your browser does not have a popup blocker enabled.

Opened reports can be printed via the PDF viewer window.  You can also choose to save the report file to your computer.

Statements and invoices.

Owner and tenant statement and invoice reports have special handling.  First a preview of the report can be created which will generate one PDF file containing all the selected tenants or owners in one report.  This is also useful for printing all statements.

The second option is to generate separate PDF files for each tenant and owner.  In this case the report will be created as an ‘attachment’ against the tenant or owner and can then be accessed from the tenant or owner details screen.  It will also be available for the tenant or owner to access via their own login.  See also Attachments.  It is advisable to use the preview option first before generating separate files.

There is also the option to print a ‘Final print run’.  If this is chosen, an invoice or statement number will be inserted into the report.  This should be turned off when previewing the report so that it does not increase the invoice number sequence until you choose to generate the final version.