Scheduled Reports

The Scheduled Reports menu option enables you to set up a list of report to be automatically generated and sent to your email inbox at a recurring scheduled time.  For example you might want to receive a Managers Summary and a Profit and Loss report at the end of every month.

Statements and invoices cannot be automatically scheduled.

You can set up multiple report batches, which are generated on different schedules.

Each scheduled report batch has a name for identification purposes, and a schedule and an email address to send the email to.  If required, you can set up multiple email addresses with a semi-colon between them.

You also get to add multiple reports to the batch.  For each report you choose the report parameters.  If you want to change the parameters of a report, you will need to remove the report and add it back again.

For reports which are date-based, such a transaction reports, you get to choose a date range rather than a specific date e.g. ‘This Month’ or ‘Last 7 Days’.  When the report is printed, it will adjust the dates based on the date at the time of printing.