SMS/TXT Messages

Functions > Send SMS/TXT Message

RentHQ allows you to send SMS or TXT messages to your tenants or owners or contractors mobile phones.

Messages can either be initiated from the Contact screen or from the Send SMS/TXT Message screen found under the Function menu group.

When sending messages from the functions menu group, you can choose to send the same message to multiple phone numbers all at once.  You can also choose to send a message to a phone number which is not linked to any existing contact by typing the phone number in.

Before you can send any messages, you need to set your country code on the Options screen.  You also need to tick the option to enable TXT/SMS message sending.

When messages are send, a copy of the message is recorded as a note against the tenant or owner or contractor.  If the recipient replies to the message, the reply goes back into RentHQ again and is also recorded as another note against the same tenant or owner or contractor.  Also an email will be sent to the RentHQ account owner with both the original message as well as the reply.

Messages are all 160 characters long.  If your message exceeds this length, the message will be split up to a maximum of 3 messages and sent as separate messages.


Note – You will be charged for each message you send.  Charges vary from one country to another.  A general guide is 0.04 to 0.10 per message.  Split messages will incur the same charge for each portion of the message.  Messages costs will be added to your monthly invoice.