Work Orders

Properties > Work Orders

Work orders are a log of work to be completed on a property such as repairs.  The work orders facility tracks a job request from the initial job reporting, through to quoting and final invoicing and payment.

The work order window is initially empty, however you can use the filter criteria at the top of the screen load previous work orders.

The work order details screen contains a job status which can either be New Job, Progress, Completed or Closed.  This status is manually changed.

The property option is the property the work is to be completed at.  After selecting the property, the contact name and phone number will be automatically populated with the current tenants details.  You can manually override these details.

The priority and value are optional.

The contractor is the person or organisation completing the job.  See the contractor screen for contractor creation.

For existing jobs, you can create multiple quotes on the Quotes tab.  See Quotes for more information.

On the Payment tab, you can enter the invoice details such as invoice number, date and amount.  You can also create payments using the Add button.  This will create an expense transaction just as if it was created via the cashbook screen.  However payments made via the work order screen will automatically be linked to the work order, and a total outstanding balance can then be calculation.  Therefore it is always recommended that work order payments should not be entered directly on the cashbook screen.

The Notes tab can be used for adding any note against the work order.  See Notes for more information.

There are separate work order reports on the Reports screen which print outstanding job lists and total balances owing to contractors etc.